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SexArt – Dolly Diore – Unknown Feeling

SexArt – Dolly Diore – Unknown Feeling
aJZN485c-740631 SexArt - Dolly Diore - Unknown Feeling sexart 08080
Model: Dolly Diore
Male Performer: Tyler Nixon
Released Date: April 03, 2016
Size: 1.28 GB – 432 MB
Quality: MPEG-4, 1080p, 00:23:00 – 106 photos at 22 megapixels
Description: Tyler Nixon is welcoming Dolly Diore to his home as Andrej Lupin 淯nknown Feeling ?begins, only her feet in their high heels visible as Tyler helps her to remove them. He runs his hands up her bare legs, stopping just before he reaches her pussy and making her wait while he fixes them some drinks. When he returns, Dolly nervous eye contact betrays her excitement and agitation. Tyler runs an ice cube over her lips, then teases her stiff nipples until she is shivering with arousal. He spreads her thighs and pops another ice cube into his mouth, the cold sensation as he begins to lick her hot pussy making her quiver. Dolly hesitation vanishes and she lies back in utter abandon as Tyler eats her to an intense orgasm. He bends her over in doggy position and slides his hard cock into her, sliding in and out slowly at first, and then with increasing vigor as she thrusts back against him. Now Dolly takes control, pushing him back into a chair so she can straddle him and ride his cock frenetically, her ass rippling as she bounces. She is covered in a sheen of sweat as she climaxes again, and then dismounts to jerk out Tyler load over her jiggling breasts. Her 淯nknown Feeling ?has been superseded
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Watch4Beauty – Talia Mint – Relections

Watch4Beauty – Talia Mint – Relections
w6OuoB39aE-799973 Watch4Beauty - Talia Mint - Relections watch4beauty 08080
Model: Talia Mint
Released Date: April 03, 2016
Size: 49 MB – 287 MB
Quality: 26 photos at 18 megapixels
MPEG-4, 1080p, 50fps, 00:03:56
Description: A little throwback to our shooting session with beautiful Talia. She was very horny that day, she masturbated maybe 5 times, had a good orgasm every time and it was still not enough for her! Here we wanted to have a little break, but she just wanted to masturbate more, and we couldn miss taping it.
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